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January 02 2015


Reverse My Tinnitus Program Review - Treatment of hearing loss

Sudden deafness
"Suddenly" hearing loss will develop, but a high degree of sensorineural hearing loss in one ear, said unknown cause hearing loss ( what is tinnitus ? ). Many I "just ear Disorders" but such a day is often no longer hear Disorders ears suddenly I woke up.

The breadth is also different, but hearing loss can be recovered gradually and then will come back again. This issue is a factor the presence of a Reverse My Tinnitus program by Dr. Phillips and Alan Watson.

For there is no such thing cured or no sudden change in one day, a different kind sound-induced hearing loss.
It does not know anything about the cause.

Compiled from Reverse Tinnitus program, in addition there is the theory of sound in the inner ear, such as the failure of blood flow temporarily or viral infections in place to change the nerve but this is a real place also cause I do not know. Tinnitus Miracle - Interference and sound techniques to overcome Tinnitus
Before and after the ear is hearing loss as associated symptoms, or at the same time often occurs with development.
Dizziness coincided with the occurrence of hearing loss, or common in the front and rear.
That no other neurological symptoms will be raised.

The cause is unknown, but it has become possible due to failure or virus circulation in the inner ear responsible for hearing or balance, ear. Usually only.
Treatment in the initial rest, it is the treatment of reversible hearing loss is one of the inner ear failure. That's because there is a strong possibility of recovery treatment to restore this hearing. It is too early ho and effects that occur (read more: Tinnitus Miracle .

Most Nanoha, corticosteroids (intravenous, oral), blood flow increasing agents, oral, such as vitamins, such as drops and stellate ganglion block, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy.
At the hospital we were shown to be effective in the treatment with oral and intravenous infusion.

5% of Japan, tinnitus has experienced approximately 30% within 65 years or older.
People with severe tinnitus There are many different types of consciousness are not able to break the sound, you'll be hard to even be able to live comfortably.

TRT therapy has attracted the attention now as the treatment of tinnitus inertia. In the latest treatment (therapy TRT / tinnitus miracle review), has about 80% of patients reported that "the symptoms have improved."

The cause of tinnitus is an assortment of such "inner ear" failure, symptoms vary from person to person.
First, consult an otolaryngologist, is important to know about their tinnitus symptoms.
For example, we car sound and air conditioning noise from the blower fan, really hear the entry does not have to be aware of this sound.

It's just the sound of the brain is needed is a conscious filtering, noise you feel that it is not harmful and does not sound important, because until consciousness even if they hear is that you do not reach.
According to Tinnitus Miracle program review. Does it appear aware of tinnitus in reverse, because the brain is missing chosen as "dangerous voice or sound to be aware of,".

Therefore, TRT therapy "to train so as not to be aware of tinnitus" and, in addition to focusing on the therapeutic method referred to as "familiar", the loss of tinnitus is not a therapeutic purpose.

TRT therapy tinnitus counseling and therapy device doctor (ENT) is "TCI" occurs
This is done by using the "pleasant sound (sound treatment)".
Lower awareness of all senses for tinnitus as it is not dominated by tinnitus,
It is a new tinnitus treatment for tinnitus sensual adjust as "natural thing".

What kind of sick?

Say Meniere's disease or not there will be a picture "diseases that cause dizziness young women under pressure." The cause of Meniere's disease frankly "endolymphatic hydrops (increase of lymph from the inner ear, abrasions state)". Underlying It is believed that there is such a change in the nature of stress-less scrupulous sleep, fatigue, pressure.

As described above in the inner ear and cochlear hearing cells ① clogged, there are three semicircular canals and otolith responsible for ② balance function. The symptoms are different depending on whether one or both well into my very sore. If accustomed to the cochlea is my very sore, dizziness will realize just hearing loss is not felt. If the blisters are weak without awareness of hearing loss, "feels clogged ears" and "tinnitus", you might want to look just "feel echoes". If the semi-circular canals are accustomed opposite-otolith is my very blisters on, do not feel like hearing loss and "feel clogged ear", and be aware of any dizziness. Dizziness strength of those "violent for rotation round", in contrast to those who "feel you are walking down a fluffy cloud." Often the headache duration is several hours from about 10 minutes, when a very brief dizzy a few seconds to several ten minutes is a major, negative Meniere's disease.
What Will diseases can quickly diagnosed?

Dizziness = is Meniere's disease and tend to think, but there are strict diagnostic criteria for Meniere's disease, to diagnose group. It is "hearing loss, tinnitus, vertigo with hearing repeated attacks of symptoms such as feeling clogged ears." Here's the most important thing is that the "recurring". Only vertigo attacks and hearing loss occurs once seizure can not be diagnosed as Meniere's disease. Meet the diagnostic criteria, and then and diagnosis of what you are able to get rid of other similar diseases as "certainty example Meniere's disease".
sourcei: http://ponjen.nazuka.net/Reverse-My-Tinnitus-Program-Review/
In addition, the symptoms just heard, the type of repeat dizzy just to diagnose as "atypical example of Meniere's disease." Examples of atypical should be excluded from certain examples of many diseases, has recommended to the observation and rigorous examination.
Other similar diseases?

In the first attack of Meniere's disease, has been described above in most cases can not be distinguished from sudden deafness with vertigo. Other perilymph fistula, syphilis inner ear, also acoustic neuroma, cerebellum, brain stem is the center of the central disease causes a disease known as manifestations similar to Meniere's disease, need to be distinguished.
And no examination or inspection required?

Meniere's disease is that I can be diagnosed for the first time there is a "repeat" episode. Therefore, it is quite important interview. In the dizzy examination conducted tests to test the balance of the body (with eyes closed, including a leg to get checks) and nystagmus test (testing for abnormal eye movements). Observed in the ear to hear the symptoms, a hearing test.

Even the symptoms of dizziness course, you need a hearing test on the assumption that there is a hidden hearing loss. Only the symptoms of hearing Conversely, there are times when examined vibration hidden or dizziness eyes not.

To the exclusion of central disease, do not let other cranial nerve symptoms or no neurologic examination is also important. There are cases in which the failure of the cerebellum and brain stem was found in tests to determine the balance of the body.
And for treatment?

Nausea is strong in a strong attack, when you can not even take the medicine made by drops dizziness stops above the rest. Oral possible, you can use a combination of medications such as anti-anxiety and increases circulation to the center of drug-vitamin dizziness stop-diuretic. With the like used initially also dizziness stops and anti-anxiety drugs attack, you can achieve prevention and symptom reduction in a larger attack.


But in Meniere's disease is suspected stress lack of sleep, fatigue involved, only treatment with medication is not a fundamental treatment. While a little peace of mind with "it is possible to suppress the symptoms with drugs", you can back up slowly looked at the causes of stress, it is necessary to improve lifestyle.

December 17 2014


Bringing Intelligent Mind to Achieve Success - The Millionaire's Brain

In life, of course you know about the three things in the form of intelligence that makes a person able to survive and cope with any challenges and problems. Third of the human intellect is the IQ (Intelligence Property), EQ (Emotional Intelligence) and SQ (Spiritual Intelligence). The third intelligence have different functions, but may shared by all humans. You need to know is, few people have a good third of this intelligence, tends to someone in their daily activities more priority undergo IQ, EQ and SQ and put aside.

You need to know, IQ of human beings will not guarantee that a person can have the feeling to feel success and happiness in life, because of the perceived success and happiness of man was sourced from the EQ and SQ. IQ humans have only contribute to how to solve the solution, correct the problem, make a conclusion and plan an activity. While EQ will serve to encourage positive behavior, self-control as well as on all kinds of tastes,. That being offered The Millionaire's Brain. Whether it's feeling happy, sad, happy, pain and others.

While SQ make someone could interpret life with wisdom. Someone who feel empathy for success will have a feel for what is perceived by other people who are experiencing difficulties, and a sense of mutual help, help ser ta be grateful for what they have achieved. People who do not have a good Spiritual Intelligence, just go through life with a high ego, therefore SQ is also needed by humans.

Just imagine if you live a life of just relying on IQ alone, without any balance between EQ and SQ. Although you are successful and can realize dreams and your goals, but could not feel the joy of success and could not menjadikn you someone who is wise. IQ, EQ and SQ must be able to work with the balance, and can be a powerful building located in the body and mind.
source: http://ponjen.kinja.com/improve-thinking-analysis-by-the-millionaires-brain-pro-1672077853

If you really feel that your self it has a high IQ so that you are very easy to resolve a problem, so it was only natural. However, Are you also able to feel the happiness of the results of your thoughts? Are you able to live a life with wisdom? If you are looking for a method or way that can improve Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Spiritual Intelligence (SQ), then you can use the program The Millionaire's Brain Booster EQ and SQ.

Program To Boost EQ and SQ

Perhaps you will feel doubt if just heard that there are programs that can increase your EQ and SQ, but if you already use and prove yourself, you just will feel it. Program to increase your EQ and SQ is to use Program The Millionaire's Brain Booster EQ and SQ.

The Millionaire's Brain Program EQ and SQ Booster is a program that is specifically designed to produce The Millionaire's Brain with stimulation that has been adapted to increase your EQ and SQ. The program is produced in the form of audio and printed in the form of a CD with the aim that you can easily to obtain and use this program (source: The Millionaire's Brain review pdf download), especially for those who do not have the EQ and SQ well. CD This program aims to improve emotional intelligence and increase your spiritual intelligence through your subconscious mind.

How to use this program is very easy, just listen to this program through headphones or speakers while sitting or lying down. Feel the groove music of this program by way of your eyes dipejamkan. Use it in a day for 30 minutes on a regular basis, and will be more effective if you use it when you state really laid back and relaxed and nothing was a bother. Typically, to get such a state when your bedtime. It does not matter if you fall asleep while using this program, because your brain will still feel the flow of the program.

You may have a desire to make a change for the better or eliminate bad habits. But so far, it's just as it wishes, you have not managed to make it happen. Did you know that the problem is only one: the desire you have not entered into the subconscious mind. No matter how strong your desire, if only still in your conscious mind then it is very difficult to realize your desires. The solution is: you are conditioning your brain at the Alpha frequency. At this time, the brain is sensitive to accept suggestions sting in the form of visualization and affirmation that you do. When you have done this, then at that moment you desire to get in on the subconscious. Repeat this technique several times, until you really have full confidence that your wishes will be achieved

Perhaps you are experiencing barriers to live like the following: anxiety, irritable, bored, restless, lazy, afraid of the boss or friends, work performance is not optimal even worse, fear of failure, jealousy, irritability, sadness, hurt, disappointed, feeling worry, hate, revenge, phobias, past trauma, trauma due to sexual harassment, natural disaster trauma, psychological disorders, it is difficult to socialize with the environment, stress on the new job, prone to interference, poor kretivitas, difficulty negotiating and so forth. Remove barriers that exist to you with this simple program "The Millionaire's Brain - Make Changes of Self".

Or maybe you have a desire to be better, improving financial conditions, expect a better job, there are plans to have something, can complete discharge of duties according the desired time, then you are also very suitable for the use of this therapy CD.

At the time of the brain at the Alpha wave, then that's when the brain is very easy to receive positive suggestions. These suggestions received brain and into the subconscious. You can live better by doing The Millionaire's Brain program, namely to make changes to the business yourself.

There are many functions of The Millionaire's Brain review program. One of the most potential is to change the negative character / bad (do not like) into a positive character would be possible without you knowing it has happened to you many years, simply by combining wave therapy and a series of affirmations / visualization that this therapy will work for you.

There are several options for you to do the audio series The Millionaire's Brain program, please choose according to your need.
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